Bredene naturist beach

Bredene naturist beach

Bredene naturist beach is the only official naturist beach of Belgium.

Bredene beach is a long sandy beach. The naturist area (about 250 m) is located at an unspoilt spot without constructions. It is bordered by many boards warning of the practice of naturism.

It is very well signposted and very easy to find from the coastal tram stop "Bredene Renbaan" ("Hippodrome" in French and English).

Though it is isolated, the beach has a little first-aid station and lifeguards watch over the bathers from the 1st of July to the 31st of August, between 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Bravo ! For the municipality of Bredene because it is rare that a naturist beach that not depends from a holiday centre is guarded.

Dogs and horses are also allowed but bicycles not.

At last, note that certain municipalities hide their naturist beach, this is not the case for Bredene, that has turned the naturist beach into a touristic plus, highlighted in many ways.

The 19th of August 2019, day of our visit, there was a lot of cold wind. A northern wind ... This explains that there are few naturists on the photographs, even if the less skittish were there.

Bredene naturist beach

Where is Bredene naturist beach ?


Bredene naturist beach, Koninklijke Baan 6, 8450 Bredene, Belgium.

Latitude : 51.2601622
Longitude : 2.9850473

Bredene is located in the middle of the Belgian coast, between Ostend at the west and De Haan at the east. Bredene naturist beach is at the east, before the Royal Ostend Golf Club.

Bredene is a seaside resort in the province West Flanders, which is in the region Flanders. It counts about 18 000 inhabitants.

Among the highlights around Bredene, we would like to mention :

- The North Sea and the sandy beaches.
- Bredene and the statue "The Wind" also called "Naked Betsy" from Irenée Duriez, a real symbol of the town.
- Ostend and the Saint-Pierre & Paul church, just on the west of Bredene.
- The seaside resort De Haan, just at the east of Bredene.
- The Aquafun Park De Haan, just at the east of Bredene.
- The renowned Belgian attraction park "Plopsaland", in De Panne, at 45 km.
- Atlantikwall.
- The Raversyde scenic park.

How to reach Bredene naturist beach ?

Tram stop Bredene Renbaan

1 The most simple way to go to Bredene naturist beach, is to take the Belgian coastal tram, called "Kusttram" in Dutch. The tramline follows the Belgian coastline from De Panne, close to the French border, to Knokke, close to the Dutch border. It takes 2 hours 21 minutes to cover the 68 stops spread over 67 km railway.

To reach Bredene naturist beach, you must take the stop "Bredene Renbaan" (Hippodrome in French).

Take the passage under the road to leave the tram stop and join the way to the beach.


If you are by car, the most easy is to arrive in Bredene via the eastside. Follow the coast on the "Koninklijke Baan" (N34). After having crossed the Royal Ostend Golf Club, you will discover on your left the coastal tramway station "Bredene Renbaan" (Hippodrome in French and English) and on the right, towards the dunes, a board with the indication "Naakstrand, Plage naturiste, FKK strand, Nudist beach" and red arrows to the right.

Park on an available parking place on the right along the road, slightly before or behind the above mentioned sign board.

Signboard nudist beach

Take the tarred road between the previous board and the big board "Reddingspost 6 Naaktstrand Plage naturiste- Nudist beach ...".


2 Walk, straight ahead, about hundred metres, to reach the beach. A big board before the beach bar "Hippo Beach" indicates already "Nudist beach at 300 m on the right".

3 Go on the beach and turn to the right. 100 m farther you will cross another board "Nudist beach at 200 m".

4 Continue straight ahead along the sea to reach the board "Nudist beach at 50 m".

Beginning of Bredene naturist beach

5 Still a little effort and you are in front of the board "Naaktstrand, Nudist beach..." that marks the beginning of the naturist beach of Bredene.

The facilities of Bredene naturist beach

car park for free

Other naturist destinations around Bredene naturist beach

Bredene naturist beach has the nr. 1 on this map.