Naturism in television series

Naturism in television series

Here a small chapter about television series that or, mention naturism, or dedicate an entire episode to naturism.

Naturism in French television series

Fais pas ci, fais pas ça !

poster Fais pas ci, fais pas ça !
Club O'Naturel reception desk
Eliott and Charlotte

"Fais pas ci, fais pas ça" (Don't do this, don't do that) is a French television serie broadcoasted between 2007 and 2017. This family comedy follows the everyday life of two neighbouring families having totally opposite educational methods. On the one hand, the Lepics, strictly conservative. On the other hand, the Bouleys, much more flexible and smooth.
This serie has encountered an enormous and totally justified success, thanks to the fabulous way of acting of the comedians and the high quality humor. 9 saesons have been turned for a total of 68 episodes of 52 minutes.
The episode 2 of the 7th season is titled "Naturisme et découverte" (Naturism and discovery). As its title indicates, it is entirely dedicated to the discovery of naturism by certain members of the two families.
The two families have won a contest at the school of their teenager and have got as prize a vacation in Guadeloupe, in the Club O'Naturel. Renaud Lepic with his daughter Charlotte and Valérie Bouley with her son Eliott arrive on the island to benefit from it. But they still not know that, even the Club O'Naturel is textile the entire year, it becomes exceptionally naturist in February and it is ... February !
This episode is another big success. The naturist and family friendly values are very well promoted, even when some arrangements have been done, TV serie obliges. If you are not naturist, know then that you don't need to be married to be admitted to a naturist resort and that these are never some months naturist and some other months textile. For the rest, we appreciate, that the screenwriters have not become cunning. Regarding the quality level of this serie, we hadn't expected anything else. A good episode in accordance with the image of this marvellous serie. To see with your family ! (available at Amazon)

Camping Paradis

poster Camping Paradis
naturist pitch
towards the naturist beach

Camping Paradis (Campsite Paradise) is a French television serie broadcasted since 2006. This family comedy is about a campsite in high season and the misadventures of the director, his employees and his customers not always easy to deal with...
This serie, broadcasted on the French chanel France 1 is very popular. It counts already 66 episodes of 1h30 each, divided in 11 seasons.
Episode 1 of season 2 broadcasted in 2010 and entitled "Magique Camping" (Magical campsite), honours magic and naturism. On the one hand, the campsite receives a multitude of magicians staying there for a festival of magic... On the other hand, a Dutch family... arrives thinking that the campsite is naturist. All the other accommodations are full and because an employee of the campsite had made the error, they refuse to leave and they install themselves on their pitch promulgated "naturist" ... Their son Jan, a teenager, does no more practice naturism ...
Like all the episodes of this serie, also this one is very well done. A very good screenplay and perfect comedians. See the Dutch comedian Michael Hofland who plays the ROLE of the naturist father of Jan. It is also him who plays Cornelius in the film "Camping" commented in our page Naturism in films.
Regarding the issue of naturism, the Dutch family is really cool and the whole paints a rather positive image of this movement. Certainly, the humor of the barbecue scene with the sausages is not of the finest, but okay ... More interesting is the central topic : what should a naturist family do, when their child has become a teenager and doesn't want to practice naturism anymore ? It is a real problem that many naturist families encounter and it is nice that this theme is treated on a public chanel at prime time. In short, a successful episode to see in family. With as bonus many magic tricks ! (available at Amazon)

Naturism in television series in English

The Glades

The Glades
The naked truth

"The Glades" is an American television series broadcasted in the USA between 2010 and 2013. There are 49 episodes of 42 minutes each aired over four seasons.
It is a crime drama series that follows the state police Detective Jim Longworth, recently transferred to Palm Glade, a small town in Florida.
The episode four of the 3rd season, titled "The naked truth" has naturism as main theme. A nude woman's body is found on a riverbank, nearby the naturist resort "Swann Lake". Jim and Charles investigate at the naturist community. They will learn quickly that it is divided about the question to sell a parcel of the propriety to an important developer...
The scenario of this episode is well written. It has its share of plot twists and the light, even comic tone makes the characters and also the series endearing.
Regarding the way of dealing with naturism, it is rather positive. At several times, the values of naturism are explained by the dialogues. There is question of liberty, respect for the others, harmony with nature...
An European might be surprised by the residential look of the houses, likely to an an ordinary textile housing estate. We noticed also the great effort they made to hide the smallest part of the body that could shock somebody... Only masculine nude torsos seem still accepted on the white screen without shocking anybody.
Remains a well written episode, enjoyable to watch with rather endearing characters. (available at Amazon only for the region 1 : USA and Canada)

Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch Mysteries
Murdoch au naturel
naturist community

Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian television series that premiered in Canada, 2008. There are already 193 episodes of 46 minutes each, spread over 13 seasons ! This gives you already an idea of its success.
This series follows Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto Police. It has two original characteristics. Firstly, the historic side because the action takes place in the late 19th and the beginning 20th century (costumes, dialogues...). Secondly, the scientific side. Detective Murdoch passionate about sciences will use them to resolve his cases.
The episode 5 of season 6, titled "Murdoch Au naturel" is entirely about naturism. Two teenagers discover a skeleton on a propriety belonging to a naturist community directed by a ... German. Murdoch and George investigate at the naturist community...
This Murdoch Mysteries episode is very well written. It is really a high level television series.
The authors did an effort to explain naturism to the audience, accordingly to the late 19th century. Watch for instance one of the dialogues with Docteur Julia Ogden : "Naturism is based on the philosophy of the German sociologist Heinrich Pudor. The idea is to connect to nature in the hopes of finding health and social quality. Nudity, exercise and vegetarianism are the main tenants, I believe."
Another good idea of the authors, is to have put the naturist propriety in full nature, on the border of a river and surrounded by a forest. Just by seeing the landscape, you understand instantly the hapiness of bathing nude in such a natural environment.
Finally, the authors have even added a parallel story with a women, type virtue league, who wants that the thigs of the dancers on the poster announcing a Parisian Revue coming in town are covered. The two stories are contrasting and the authors insist on the fact that every liberty can be threatened and that they need to be defended strongly when it is the case.
In short, "Murdoch Au naturel" is an episode of very good quality. Perfectly written. It is really part of the best that is made in the domain of television series ! (available at Amazon)

Naturism in television series in German


Pastewka Der Camper
Pastewka Der Camper

Pastewka is a German televison series of the type sitcom. It has been broadcasted on the German chanel Sat. 1. from 2005 to 2014. Since 2018, Amazon Prime Video has the exclusivity (seaisons 8 and 9).
The series, based in Cologne, relates the adventures of the German actor Bastian Pastewka in a romanticized version of himself. It counts 87 episodes of 25 minutes spread over 9 seasons !
It is the episode 2 of the season 8, titled "Der Camper" (The camper), that is dealing with naturism... After his motorhome has broken down, Bastian Pastewka is towed by a farmer of the neighbourhood to the nearest campsite, to arrive in the middle of the night. The next morning, he awakes in his broken down motorhome, in the middle of a naturist campsite...
This episode is absolutely perfect. It has been written excellently, it has been shooted and performed very well. This is a German sitcom of good quality. Regarding naturism, because it is a German series, we had not be worried and also on this aspect it is faultless. The naturist values are very well spotlighted. The comic situations are funny, without being vulgar. In short, a real success ! (available at Amazon)

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