Les Montilles naturist beach

Les Montilles naturist beach

Les Montilles naturist beach is located in the south of the seaside resort of Port-la-Nouvelle. It was the beach of the campsite Côte Vermeille at the time that it was naturist, which is not the case anymore. Today, it is, THE beach of the naturist camper van drivers !

They arrive in the morning. Drive on the beach with their camper van, then they continue on the sand until the limited naturist area. They park between the limiting boards, in a line the one next to the other.They take off their clothes, install their table and chairs... and off they go for a naturist day near their camper van with view on the sea !

On our visit, the 7th of August 2019, about fifty camper vans stood in a line between the boards limiting the naturist area. It has something of the Piémanson naturist beach in the past, for those you have known it.

Note that the beach is obviously not exclusively for camper vans. There are also a lot of naturists by car, who park, generally behind the camper vans to avoid to block their view. All these people are parked on hard sand, at about hundred metres of the sea, to avoid to get stuck in the soft sand.

For the rest, Les Montilles naturist beach is a nice sandy beach. It is very long and very, very wide. The sea is pleasant for swimming. The site is in full nature without buildings around.

It is an enjoyable and calm beach, without people passing by. The enormous size of the naturist area permits to find a tranquil place.

But know that, if you are a camper van driver, that you may not spend the night there. In effect, as the board says on the beginning of the beach : wild camping is forbidden and parking is also forbidden to camper vans between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. (municipal by-law of 7 July 2003).

Les Montilles naturist beach

Where is Les Montilles naturist beach ?


Les Montilles naturist beach, 11210 Port-la-Nouvelle, France.

Latitude : 43.0013789
Longitude : 3.0530159

Les Montilles naturist beach lies in the south of Port-la-Nouvelle. It occupies a part of the beach that measures 13 km !

Port-la-Nouvelle is a seaside town in the Aude department, in the Occitanie region. It is located between Gruissan, in the nord, and La Palme, La Franqui and Leucate, in the south. It counts more or less 5600 inhabitants in winter.

Between the highlights around Port-la-Nouvelle, we would like to mention particularly :

- The Mediterranean with its beaches of fine sand.
- Port-la-Nouvelle with the remains of the defense tower of 1742 and its whale museum.
- The island of Sainte-Lucie, nicknamed "île aux mille senteurs" i.e. the island of thousand scents.
- The island of Nadière with its old fishermen's hamlet at the Bages-Sigean lake.
- The fortress of Salses at 28 km.
- Narbonne at 28 km.
- Gruissan and the Redbeard Tower (Tour de Barberousse), at 40 km.
- Perpignan at 49 km.
- The castle of Carcassonne (UNESCO) at 78 km.

How to reach Les Montilles naturist beach ?

Board beginning of Port-la-Nouvelle

1 Join Port-la-Nouvelle from the south, via the D 709.

2 At the roundabout, take to the right, by following the signboard "Plages" (beaches).

3 At the 2nd roundabout, continue straight ahead on the Général de Gaulle avenue, by following the direction "Plages".

4 At the 3rd roundabout, continue straight ahead by following the direction "Plages".

5 At the 4th roundabout, continue straight ahead by following the direction "Plages".

6 At the 5th roundabout, continue straight ahead by following the signboard "Plage Front de Mer".

Board Plage des Montilles

7 At the 6th roundabout, continue straight ahead on the Eschasseriaux boulevard, by following the board "Plage des Montilles". Don't follow at the left "Plage Front de Mer".

Board naturist area

8 At the end of the Eschasseriaux boulevard, follow straight ahead the sign indicating "Zone naturiste". Drive with your car onto the beach !

9 Drive straight ahead on the beach, for about 1,5 km, to reach the naturist part preceded by a blue board "Zone naturiste" and a shaft to the right. You will see the zone from far because of the crowd of camper vans.

End of Les Montilles naturist beach

10 If you come with your camper van, park immediately. If you are by car, park behind to not disturb the view of the camper van drivers. You have until the other board "Zone naturiste tolérée" (area naturism tolerated) to find a place.

Note that according to the reception of the naturist campsite "Le Clapotis", there is a faster access to Les Montilles naturist beach, if you come from the south. You are supposed to leave the D 709, by following on the right the sign "Le Rouet". Unfortunately, we can't tell more about it, because when we were there, that road was closed because of a fire !

The facilities of Les Montilles naturist beach

Free car park on the beach !

panorama of camper vans

Other naturist destinations around Les Montilles naturist beach

Les Montilles naturist beach has the nr. 5 on this map.